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VVH Realty is the Landholding Company of Venvi Group of Companies. This company was registered with the SEC on April 17, 1997 to hold for the future investment, several real properties in Ilocos Norte. VVH Realty's major Landholding is the 34-hectare commercial property in Barangay 1 San Francisco, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte called the Valdez Center. Over the years, VVH Realty propagated major land developments and improvements on the property with the goal of transforming this barren landscape of Ilocos into an upscale suburban district.

To achieve these, VVH Realty Corporation has joint ventured with Venvi Development Corporation. VDC then negotiated and entered into successful business deals and joint ventures with national and international investors which made the Valdez Center now the largest and the most popular mixed use commercial destination in the Ilocos Region.


To inculcate positive work attitude and resource consciousness to achieve efficient and timely delivery of clean titles as well as to provide quality legal services in a manner which has high regard to professionalism, work ethics and continuous improvement.


To be an excellent, efficient and reliable entity in providing quality titling and legal services to clients who have the capacity to bring socio-economic development in the region.


  • To protect the environment and the surrounding communities in pursuit of its projects.
  • To enhance efficiency and flexibility in work.
  • To become a customer service oriented group.



VVH Realty has been negotiating to prospective sellers in acquiring properties for the development plan of the company. These properties are subject for titling and transfer of ownership to the company and/or clients.


Legal Department provides legal services to the VVH Realty Corporation for its titling process and to the other Venvi Companies through judicial process or through different administrative agencies or government instrumentalities.