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Nucleus Swine Breeding Farm

Why Venvi-Agro Pork

Venvi-Agro assures customers of clean, high-quality, safe and source-verified PORK produced in an environmentally responsible management. Venvi-Agro aims to establish a state-of-the-art slaughter house which will observe Good Manufacturing Practices, Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (GMP-SSOP) and achieve Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) accreditation.

In order to achieve competitive production benchmark, Venvi-Agro affords a number of strategic advantages such as continuous good "farm-to-table" management practices, genetic control, and systematic bio-security measures and compliance. Venvi-Agro commits to achieve and carry-out efficient schedule and delivery without compromising the best quality ingredients, supplies, and services to ensure consistency, quality, and competitive prices in the market place.

Venvi Agro Piggery

We take extraordinary care in producing the freshest premium pork products for you to enjoy.


is one of the most modern hogs-farm in the Philippines

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is the only fully-automated farm facility in Ilocos Norte

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follows strict bio-security measures and protocol

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is an environment-friendly facility

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has clean, hygienic, tunnel-ventilated houses designed to optimize the growth potential of the animals

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Quality Pork

consistently produces healthy, prime-quality pigs.

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Venvi-Agro Piggery Facility

A 2,500-sow level Daughter Nucleus Swine Breeding Farm is another pioneering project under the Venvi-Agro Industrial Ventures Corp. This project is being undertaken with Pig Improvement Company (PIC) which is an internationally renowned organization, known for producing genetically improved pigs.