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Layer Farm

Venvi Agro - Layer Farm

The state-of-the-art buildings are well provided with proper ventilation system and heaters that function as needed with microprocessor controls. The machinery I also fully-equipped with mechanical systems that is automatically responsible from feeding down to collecting eggs, classify the sizes according to the weights of the eggs and finishes to traying these eggs for ready exportation to the market. This modern machinery is also designed to have a distinctive environmental system in providing a more comfortable and protective environment for the laying chickens.

Egg Industry

The VENVI AGRO Egg Industry’s 1st tunnel ventilated building is already operational with a capacity of fifty thousand (50,000) chicken layers and aims to produce an average of 75,000 pieces of fresh eggs every day.

The Venvi Agro Farm is perfectly situated on top of the mountains with a fresh and clean environment at San Agustin, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte. The Venvi Agro Poultry is the biggest egg producing industry in the province which at present supplies the demands of market consumers from Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Cagayan, Abra and La Union.

Poultry Industry

Is the biggest egg industry in Ilocos Norte that supplies the high markets demands of neighboring provinces. Venvi Agro Aims to be the first fully automated egg laying facility in Region 1, it follows a strict bio-security protocol to protect its flock and environment and it will continue to have a clean, hygienic and healty environment.