Venvi Boosts Land Rehab

The Venvi Group of Companies conducted its CSR-Multreeply, a Tree Planting initiative on the Old Dumpsite of San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte on October 4, 2019.

In cooperation with the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office to rehabilitate the Old Dumpsite back to its robust landscape, it has gradually restored its healthy soil to bear new sprouts and shrubs.

Employees of Venvi Group of Companies were encouraged to take part in the activity embodying the theme: “Plant Now, Save tomorrow”- the group successfully planted 200 saplings over the duration of the event.

Ms. Marilyn Tolentino, the head of MENRO, said the proposal of planting Mahogany saplings will serve as its natural fence along the perimeter of the area. Tolentino also mentioned the site will eventually be developed into an Eco Park.

In the attempt to conduct environmentally focused Corporate Social Responsibility programs, Venvi Group of Companies aims to actively promote employee participation on similar events in the future.

The essence of understanding the importance of Socially Responsible programs, brings the group a step closer to boosting the company’s morale towards shared value and unifying its ideals with the community it is engaged to.