Venvi Agro-Industrial Ventures Corporation featured on the cover story of LaMB Philippines Magazine

Venvi Agro-Industrial Ventures Corporation (VAIVC) featured on a 10-page cover story in the latest issue of LaMB Philippines magazine.

The magazine headline “Ilocandia’s agribusiness powerhouse sustains expansion binge” highlights VAIVC’s expansion activities for its piggery farm, slaughterhouse and meat processing plant, layer farm and meat retail store. In an interview with the magazine, Atty. Hilario Valdez, CEO/President of Venvi explained that all the undertakings are “meant to connect the “missing links” in a farm-to-fork supply chain which Venvi Agro envisions to complete under a vertical integration business model”. Vertical integration is a process entrepreneurs use to turn raw materials into a finished product and get it directly to consumers and end-users. This strategy eliminates, if not weakens, the role of traders and middle men, thus reducing transaction costs and allowing the company to offer more competitively priced products for the market.

VAIVC’s Chief Operating Officer Engr. Jeremiah Ancheta, further shared about the company’s ongoing and incoming projects. From the capacity expansion of their breeding farms to eventually accommodate 70,000 heads; increasing the layer farm’s population from 450,000 to 650,000 birds; further developing their slaughterhouse and meat processing plant and the branch expansion of their meat retail store, Freddo. With all these development drives, the company is tying up with other renowned companies like PIC (Pig Improvement Company) Philippines, Kutlusan and Big Dutch.

“Among the businesses we do, we are more aggressive with livestock, with agriculture, with food production. Unlike other businesses, this one is not so much at risk, or get disrupted with technology”, Atty Valdez said. He also added that VAIVC has to continue investing in post-harvest facilities to compete efficiently in the local and global market amid the growing threat posed by agricultural imports. “The way to go is vertical integration”.  

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