Stories of wisdom and hard work behind the Ilocano vision - Last of a series

IV. Big step towards a new way of life and style

Let me take off from where I concluded the third article of this series. Pardon me for becoming evidently social in my conclusion. I really can’t help it, and I hope this piece of mind comes across.

The Ilocano youth yearn to have the (new) things in life and environment that other people have enjoyed for long in other places of the country and the world. We might wonder what makes them so excited to be part of this big step, and what makes this a qualitatively new way of life and style. Anticipating the opening of the 365 Plaza which marks the birth the 20-hectare The Center commercial and business complex makes them so.

They want convenient access to the state-of-the-art products and services.

Ilocanos know and have seen how life is made easier in places where commercial and business centers exist. Think of Hawaii and mainland U.S.A., the cities of Asia and Europe, and Australia. Then consider Araneta Center, Ayala Commercial & Business Center, Ortigas Center in Metro Manila. Imagine how much time and energy one saves in doing the shopping for groceries, medicine and special school or trade products, surfing the internet or having a computer upgrade, visiting the salon, have a photograph taken, buy your bread and order a cake for an occasion, having fun at an amusement joint, and a quick snack or lunch all in one.

How we have lived thru the hassles of trying unsuccessfully to accomplish these tasks in a day by shuttling back and forth from one town center to another boggles the mind. Development in all Ilocos towns and even cities have been largely linear, uneven and sporadic. One can never find a place in Ilocandia where most, if not all, of his personal, commercial and business needs can be satisfied. Yet even the Ilocano patience has its limits. When the provision of a need or want is postponed by an hour or day, that is a form of inconvenience bordering on deprivation. Generations of Ilocanos have suffered from this condition for quite a while. Happily now, just around the bend (or across the bridge), local folk and their visitors can enjoy the convenience of the city.

Imagine further, in the near future, a complete mall with a supermarket, branded product stores, hardware, food centers and restaurants, and state-of-the-art movie theaters in just one entrance. This will be accessible both to the commuting public and private motorists with spacious parking and a well-organized transportation block for jeepneys, buses, and tricycles.

And within the same yard, one can do banking and business transactions. The wiser business persons or companies can set up office in the institutional section of the complex. And the more affluent Ilocanos, resident or overseas, can acquire their own condotel units in the high-rise buildings of the complex.

The Center, when realized, is truly a brilliant spearhead of the future progressive Ilocos metropolis. No wonder it is the youth who are so excited of the prospect. They, among all others, are the first to welcome and embrace the Ilocano vision fostered by Venvi founder and business leader Atty. Hilario P. Valdez. Again I quote from Joy, Miriam and Joanne of the Venvi marketing team:

“Atty Larry’s vision inspires us. The idea of our native Ilocos transforming from a sleeping economy to a prosperous and globally abreast one just brings out the best in us. Its countryside multiplying production with modernized agriculture and agro-industry, its metropolis established with vigorous commercial and business activity. We realize all this will raise the local people’s quality of life, and that (future) life is ours!”

The inspirations I get doing my job in the “Center”

By Miriam dela Cruz

I am inspired by those who give back to the society what they have gained from it. I have learned that success is not about taking and winning but is about giving too. I have met with so many successful people whom I learned from and what I have discovered so far about successful persons is that they do not work harder but smarter does because when you work hard you might fail but smart people don’t.

I am also inspired by positive people who make every day count. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of good or bad luck. Illness, injury, love, lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your soul. Without these small tests, if they be events, illnesses or relationships, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight, flat road to nowhere