November 15, 2019, Venvi celebrated its Anniversary Day with a Thanksgiving mass presided by Rev. Msgr. Father Leonardo Ruiz. After which, a blood-letting activity was conducted by the Mariano Marcos Memorial Hospital with the help of Ms. Ryan Rollaine Simon as the Municipal Blood Coordinator.

The blood donation established a pool for the convenience of the Venvi Employees and San Nicolas community to request for blood units if in need of transfusion, as well as to unlock the possibility to save other people’s lives.

With the continuous implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs, Venvi aims to enhance the sense of volunteerism amongst its workforce. This is to involve themselves in the shoes of the people in the community and other aspects that promote philanthropy and social obligation.

Before the year ends, the group now launches itself towards its silver anniversary (25th) thus expecting a new year for Venvi to materialize a deeper sense of obligation, and a wider understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility aside from individual responsibilities in the respective work stations of the employees.