Creating Connections -- Building bridges... together.

Harboring corporate culture and maintaining effective teams through leadership are key factors of a successful business or organization. A group that works in unity will have a ripple effect down through the organization.

Our objective in this team building is to promote and practice individual differences, communicating collaboratively, and managing conflicts which we were able to do in an inspiring environment - where there were minimal distractions, where we were able to harness our creativity and positivity which is useful in fostering an optimistic team culture and empowered manpower to lead from the front in instilling a successful culture throughout the organization.

Venvi Development Corporation employees from different departments were grouped into five teams to maximize the occasion with strategic planning sessions, team building exercises, etc. Team B bagged Champion with Ms. Shaivel Miguel leading the team, 1st place is the D' Best Team of Ms. Gina Peralta, 2nd place is E-Team led by Mr. Michael Sales, 3rd place is Team K led by Ms. Kareen Nachor, & 4th place is the team of Ms. Jobel Corpuz.

Overall, the Business Unit was led by Ms. Melba Buday who is very positive in whatever and wherever the unit is directed to. Facilitators Ms. Cherry Paz, QAC Manager who have disciplined & taught her experiences to the group, Gail Manuel, QAC Representative, Czarina Marie Reyes & Celica Caranto, Marketing Assistants of VDC.

With the success brought about by the lessons of realtime and actual feats of the Venvi Development Corporation, the industry has taught us what it means to work together as a team and pull each other up towards all the goals and direction of Venvi.

This team building taught us unity, positivity, patience and teamwork.

Lessons driven by determination, vision, and the urge to move forth!